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1. Eliminating paper-based, manual processes (such as PO/Invoice) and time-consuming supplier inquiries can help purchasing teams to focus on more value-added tasks. Is your process from quote to invoice automated and paperless?

2. A comprehensive supplier network with process and compliance automation can give businesses savings of $3-5M per $100M spend. Has your company implemented a supplier network?

3. Employing a large and extensive Business to Business (B2B) Network can open your business to new horizons. Do you currently have access to a broad selection of potential new supply partners?

4. The expectation towards Supplier Management Systems and their Service Providers has changed in recent years. How would you describe your Service Provider?

5. As digitalisation is affecting every industry, companies need a long-term goal and vision, especially for their Purchasing Dept to remain relevant and competitive. How well can your current system adapt to future growth and modernisation challenges?